Gay Honolulu – Gay Hotels, Gay Things to Do and Travel Guides 2023 Travel Guide (2023)

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Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

Where Nature Meets Neon!

The Equus

A Boutique Honolulu hotel located on Waikiki’s Upper West Side

Prince Waikiki

Enjoy contemporary accommodations, poolside cabanas, club lounges, award-winning cuisine, and so much more!

‘Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

A new resort destination in the heart of Waikiki

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North Shore Beach Bus

Gay Honolulu

As the cosmopolitan capital of Oahu, the Hawaiian island that receivesthe lion’s share of tourism visits, Honolulu isa legend among gay travelers who don’t want to have to choose between urban adventures and beach vacations. This seaside metropolis is both the westernmost and the southernmost city in the United States, plus the remotest city of its size in the world. High-rise hotels and condo buildings fringe its postcard-perfect shoreline, with dominating Diamond Head off in the distance.

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In terms of scenery, Honolulu is nothing less than a knockout, but with its bevy of international cuisines, gay-friendly nightlife spots, and tucked-away natural assets, there’s more than meets the eye here.

Gay Scene in Honolulu

At times, it can be hard for gay travelers to zero in on exotic beach destinations where they can truly be themselves without worry since many of the world’s most beautiful places are located in countries that don’t necessarily have the most progressive laws or cultures. Not so in Honolulu! Same-sex relationships have been interwoven into the fabric of Hawaiian life going back to pre-colonial society, when homosexual and bisexual relationships, as well as non-binary gender identities, weren’t considered anything out of the ordinary.

In Hawaii, LGBT people are afforded the same rights as non-LGBT people — in fact, same-sex activity has been legal here since 1973, and in November 2013, same-sex marriage was approved. As a result, gay couples flocked to the islands to fulfill their dreams of beautiful LGBT destination weddings, and it has remained a popular wedding and honeymoon spot ever since.

Honolulu’s annual Pride event, held each October, is the largest LGBT event in Hawaii. It includes a wide variety of events spread over a two-week period, including a parade, a festival, and plenty of arts, culture, and fashion events.

When to Visit

There’s truly no bad time to come to Honolulu, thanks in part to the city’s consistently warm and sunny weather. However, be aware that in the high season, which runs from December to April, accommodations are pricier and rooms can be scarce. The best deals can be found in the spring months when Honolulu is less crowded with tourists. Visitation picks up again in summer, thanks in part to the promise of tons of sunshine without much chance of rain. Come in the shoulder season from September to mid-December to take advantage of lower room rates and a less crowded vibe.

Activities and Attractions

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As the jewel in Honolulu’s crown, Waikiki is an ever-popular coastal district comprised of between six and eight distinct beach districts (depending on who you ask and how they’re demarcated), which span two miles. Some of the most well-known beaches include Waikiki Beach, Fort Derussy Beach Park, Kahanamoku Beach, Kuhio Beach, and Queen’s Beach.

Renowned for surfing as much as sunbathing and snorkeling, these slices of Honolulu’s coast offer that enviable mix of azure water, palm trees, and powdery white sand. And the best part is that when you’ve had your fill of sun and surf, you can freshen up at your hotel and then hit the town on foot to explore swanky restaurants, high-end shops, and trendy bars. If there’s something you want on your gay Waikiki vacation, chances are you’ll find it without much effort.

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In terms of landmarks to see and explore in the wider Honolulu area, there are a few perennial favorites. The USS Arizona Memorial commemorates the attack on Pearl Harbor — its 184-foot structure was built over the sunken hull of the USS Arizona battleship.

The strenuous 760-foot hike up to the summit of Diamond Head State Monument gets you up close and personal with this iconic volcanic tuff cone. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with an unforgettable view of the cityscape as well as the coastline. Other popular hiking trails include Koko Crater Trail and the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse Trail.

Hardcore shoppers will be spoiled for choice at the Ala Moana Center, known as the world’s largest open-air shopping center, home to more than 300 retailers.

What’s a trip to Hawaii without a lūʻau? Luckily for gay travelers, there are a few options nearby that provide a night of traditional music, dance, and cuisine, not to mention those beautiful leis made of fresh flowers. Plus, you will receive 20% off by using the exclusive GayTravel Let's Get OUT There! code "GAYTRAVEL".

Located at iconic Sea Life Park Hawaii, Ka Moana Lū’au features not only an award-winning production and show but the chance to experience firsthand some of the most beloved traditions of the islands. Take part in interactive cultural activities, including lei making, hula lessons, coconut-headband weaving, ukulele lessons, and more!

All are welcome to the Diamond Head Lūʻau, focusing on interactive, cultural activities like hula lessons, lei making, weaving, ukulele lessons, tattoo, and more! Conveniently located at the historic Waikiki Aquarium, Diamond Head Lūʻau is just a short walk from most major destinations and hotels on the Waikiki strip. As an added bonus, every ticket includes exclusive access to the aquarium during lūʻau hours!

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Receive20% off the Diamond Head Lūʻau andthe Ka MoanaLūʻauwhen you usepromo codeGAYTRAVEL!

Waikiki Segway provides a fun and easy way to explore the diversity of the Waikiki neighborhood. Tour guides will lead you on a trip to popular spots in the area, including Magic Island Beach Park, Diamond Head, and Kapiolani Park.

Looking for a place to see and be seen? You’ll love the SuperSlyde Pool Party monthly event, Waikiki’s largest pool party featuring DJs, special guests, performers, and more.

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Gay-Friendly Dining

Thanks to its international population and global cultural influences, Honolulu offers a diverse mix of cuisines and an exciting, imaginative dining scene. A stroll along South Hotel Street will reveal a smorgasbord of dining options to choose from. Below are our personal recommendations for gay-friendly dining in Honolulu to take your vacation to the next level.


Dying to try traditional Hawaiian food? Helena’s has been catering to tourists’ cravings since 1946. Head to this unpretentious spot and choose from several set menus that allow you to sample a variety of home-cooked dishes.

The Pig and the Lady

To come all the way to Honolulu and not eat at The Pig and the Lady, a true standout in the city’s dining scene would be a shame. Come for delicious eats — such as fried chicken, Vietnamese pizza, and pho — in a lively, welcoming atmosphere.

Tiki’s Grill and Bar

This award-winning seaside spot garners plenty of attention with its island décor, its eclectic menu, and its picturesque terrace overlooking the ocean. Come for Happy Hour specials and stay to soak in the good vibes with other travelers.

Momosan Ramen Waikiki

Offering more than 20 sake options and a serious focus on noodles, Momosan Ramen Waikiki is helmed by Chef Morimoto, an Iron Chef who was raised in Japan, where he honed his exceptional culinary skills.

Gay Bars in Waikiki

Ready to get snazzy and mingle with other gay travelers? Head to the following gay-friendly bars in Waikiki, where the drinks flow and the mood is always welcoming and festive.

Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand

This gay mainstay in Waikiki boasts everything you want in a gay bar — excellent drinks, amazing food, dancing, DJs, and live performances, including drag shows. There are even charging stations for your phone, making it easy to stop by and stay for a while.

Bacchus Waikiki

Boasting an intimate vibe and fun events like trivia night and bingo night, Bacchus is a prime spot to relax with good company. Expect cheap drinks and friendly bartenders in this longstanding gay bar.

Tapas Restaurant & Lanai Bar

Open until 2 a.m. every night of the week, this unassuming gay bar welcomes travelers with friendly service, a charming dive bar vibe, and occasional events like themed fetish parties.


LGBT travelers won't have to worry much about being welcomed here — Honolulu has long been known as a gay-friendly destination.

While Honolulu is one of the safest cities in the United States, there is always a chance of getting pickpocketed or robbed on a gay vacation. Be careful not to leave your belongings unattended at a restaurant, bar, beach, or in your car. When swimming, remember to stay up-to-date on any safety alerts and beach conditions, as rip currentscan be deadly.


Honolulu offers two main public transportation options: TheBus, a bus system with low fares, and the Waikiki Trolley, which can whisk you to some of the most popular tourist spots. Taxis and Ubers are also readily available.

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