How To Get a Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You (5 Fast Tactics) (2023)

Last Updated on June 28, 2022

How To Get a Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You (5 Fast Tactics) (1)

Are you being ghosted, receiving the silent treatment, and confused about what to do next?

Feeling agitated, depressed, or even angry when a Taurus man ignores you?

If you’re wondering how best to get him to stop ignoring you, then this post is for you.

It is important to note that Taurus men can be very patient and calm, but they are also highly sensitive and known for their stubbornness.

If you’ve done something to offend him then it is also important to be aware that the anger of a Taurean can be explosive and they never forget past hurts easily.

Nonetheless, there are still things you can do to deal with the silent treatment from a Taurus guy and get him to open up to you again.

If he is ignoring you then there will most likely be a reason for it. However, this can make it especially difficult to get him to have a conversation with you to discuss what is bothering him so you can move past it.

Therefore, one of the best things you can do is to connect with him through text. However, it is important not to be demanding or needy of his time and attention in your messages or you will push him away even further.

While text messages are great for quick and casual conversation, misunderstandings are all too common with this form of communication. Emoji can help, but you are still leaving yourself vulnerable to misinterpretation.

If he is already ignoring you then the last thing you want to do is send a message that he misinterprets and causes him to withdraw further.

Therefore, one solution I would recommend is to send him this text message written by a relationship expert. With the right message, you should be able to get him to open up and connect with you again.

What to Do When a Taurus Man Gives You The Silent Treatment


(Video) How To Get A Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You?

Here are the 5 steps on how to get a Taurus man to stop ignoring you:

If you wronged him, apologize

It is important that you apologize to a Taurus guy if you have wronged him. You need to show him that you are sorry and regretful for whatever it is you said or did and that will not do it again.

You may want to point out to him how you hurt him, and what you are going to do so that you don’t hurt your man in the same way.

The idea is to let your Taurus lover know that you are committed to change, which will help him warm up to you again.

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Make him feel secure

How To Get a Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You (5 Fast Tactics) (2)

Taurus men can be very possessive and they tend to get jealous and annoyed if their relationship is threatened.

If your Taurus boyfriend is feeling insecure because he thinks you may be interested in another guy or if you are spending more time with other people rather than him then this could be the reason he is ignoring you.

It is important to note that Taurus men hate being on the losing side and being taken advantage of.

So, if your Taurean lover is ignoring you because he suspects you have eyes for someone other than him, it is important that you reassure him and make him feel secure in your relationship.

In other words, you need to reassure him that you will not abandon him for another man.

That being said, some compliments, gifts, and lots of affection will help him to see just how much you care for him.

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Flirt with him

It can be difficult to flirt with a Taurus man who is not showing interest in you. However, one of the best ways to do this is through text.

Even if he’s not responding to your texts at first, he will certainly read your text messages, so this is your opportunity to put a smile on his face and get him to warm up to you again.

(Video) What Does It Mean When A Taurus Man Ignores You?

Relationship expert, Amy North has devised an effective texting system that shows you exactly how to text him to get him to want you and think about, and only you, even if you are not around.

Amy’s “cut and paste” text messages have helped thousands of women attract the man of their dreams, repair a damaged relationship, and even helped them to get their ex back after a breakup.

You can find out more about Amy’s texting system here.

It is also important that you flirt with him using the things you know that make a Taurus man tick.

For example, you can text him the lyrics of a song he likes, memories of good times you’ve had together, or even what you are wearing.

The idea is to put a smile on his face and make him picture you in his mind.

Wouldn’t it be a hell of a lot easier dating a Taurus man if you always knew exactly what he was thinking and how he was feeling, and how he is likely to respond to you in different situations?

Fortunately, a renowned astrologer, Anna Kovach has a powerful course that teaches women exactly this. She calls her system, Taurus Men Secrets.

I wrote a review of it here for my readers so you can judge for yourself if it’s right for you.

How To Get a Taurus Man To Stop Ignoring You (5 Fast Tactics) (3)

Give him time

A Taurus man can be very patient when something annoys him, but he certainly has his breaking point.

So, if he explodes with anger, it is important that you give him space and time to calm down because trying to iron things out when he is still angry will not work.

If he is ignoring you at the moment then it also means he needs some space from you for a while. Respecting this will help him to calm down and he’ll appreciate you all the more for letting him have room to think.

What’s more, it is important to note that it might take time before he finally gets past his horrible feelings more so if whatever annoyed him has been extremely hurtful.

So, do not push the stubborn Taurus man to make up with you or talk to you before he is ready. Be patient until he gets over what is bothering him.

(Video) Ignoring A Taurus Man? (What Happens If You Go Cold On Him?)

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Keep yourself busy

If you want to gain the attention of your Taurus partner, it is important that you keep yourself busy.

If you have been giving him too much attention, you need to start putting yourself first and pay attention to your life and how you want it to be.

In other words, you need to have your own life, and always remember that you have your family, career plans, friends, and interests.

Show him that you are an independent woman and although you want to be with him, you do not need his time and attention in order to feel good about yourself.

This is especially important if he is ignoring you because of needy and clingy behavior.

Taurus men are attracted to independent women so besides giving him space, you’ll also become more attractive in his eyes too.

>>What To Text Him Here<<

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Final Thoughts

Taurus men know how to hide their emotions, which makes it difficult to figure out why he is ignoring you. So getting to the bottom of his silent treatment is always the first step.

Once you have figured out what’s bothering him, you can work out what to do when he ignores you. Then you can start repairing any damage that may have been caused and get him to open up to you again.

Texting is always a great way to keep the communication channels open, even if he’s currently being unresponsive or acting distant. Just don’t bombard him with messages as this will certainly put him off.

Since you’ll be sending fewer texts to him at this time as to not encroach on his personal space, the text messages that you do send really count!

If you get it wrong by sending the wrong messages then you may push him away further, or lose him completely.

(Video) What Happens When You Ignore A Taurus Man? The 5 Most Common Reactions

To avoid this happening, getting help from a relationship expert on exactly what to do, how to act, and what to say to him can be the difference between him opening up to you again or losing him completely.

If you want or need help from a relationship expert then you can get the exact texts to send him along with the steps on what to do to get him to open up to you again here.

I hope this article has helped in some way in understanding the sometimes complex characteristics of a Taurus man. More articles relating to Taurus guys are available on my website

Please note that some links in this article may be affiliate links. This means that if you click one of our links and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

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How do you make a Taurus regret ignoring you? ›

10 Ways to Make a Taurus Man Regret Losing You
  1. Focus On Your Growth. Spend the time after a breakup to remake yourself and rekindle your passions. ...
  2. Cling Onto Him a Bit. ...
  3. Showcase Your Achievements. ...
  4. Dress To Impress. ...
  5. Discuss the Future with Him. ...
  6. Always Smell Good. ...
  7. Do Not Rush. ...
  8. Keep Supporting Him.
Dec 9, 2022

Do Taurus men like fast replies? ›

Wait calmly for replies.

Taurus guys are slow texters and like to take their time when exploring relationships, so let him have the space he needs.

How to make Taurus man miss you like crazy? ›

How to Make a Taurus Man Miss You
  1. Be less available to him.
  2. Add some mystery to your conversations.
  3. Be flirty over text.
  4. Send him selfies.
  5. Show off your sense of humor.
  6. Wear put-together and fashionable outfits.
  7. Remain confident in yourself.
  8. Embrace your sensuality.

How to make a Taurus man addicted to you? ›

Check out the tips provided below on how to get a Taurus man to become obsessed with you to improve your chances.
  1. Let Him Chase. ...
  2. Take The Initiative. ...
  3. Display Your Love. ...
  4. Don't Play With His Feelings. ...
  5. Be Well Groomed When You See Him. ...
  6. Praise Him. ...
  7. Prove Your Loyalty To Him. ...
  8. Show Off Your Freedom.
Dec 27, 2022

How do you make a Taurus man regret taking you for granted? ›

Here are 9 Ways how to make a Taurus man regret losing you before he escapes your grasp.
  1. Step Back. ...
  2. Work on Yourself. ...
  3. Pursue Your Passion. ...
  4. Be Active on Social Media. ...
  5. Continue his friendship. ...
  6. Work on Your Looks. ...
  7. Use social media to show he cherished you. ...
  8. Avoid Arguments.
Dec 24, 2022

How to manipulate a Taurus man? ›


The sign that belongs to expensive tastes can easily be manipulated by good things. If you want them to do something for you, look classy and impeccable. Shower them with tasteful gifts. If they feel happy, they just may want to reward you.

How does Taurus take rejection? ›

Taurus folks are reliable and patient individuals, but they can also be stubborn and possessive. When they experience rejection, they can become fixated on the person who rejected them. They may try to win them back or hold onto the relationship even if it's not healthy.

Do Taurus men want you to chase them? ›

Tauruses (born between April 20 and May 20) prefer to do the chasing rather than be chased, so it's important to show him why you're the perfect match.

Do Taurus like to be rushed? ›

Slow and Deliberate

Although Taurus individuals are hard workers, they live life at a slow, deliberate, and easy pace. They're focused, determined, patient and can't be rushed.

Do Taurus men ignore you when they like you? ›

A Taurus man will ignore you if he really likes you

And then he goes AWOL, and you're left wondering what you did wrong. Nothing—he just wants to see if you'll take the initiative and contact him. If he's going to pursue you, he doesn't want to waste his time.

How to melt a Taurus man? ›

He really appreciates beauty, and will expect his woman to be beautiful. If you want to attract him, take the time to look good! And while we're at it, be classy. The Taurean man wants a woman with refined taste -- someone who appreciates good music, good wine, and good art, to name a few.

How do you melt a Taurus man's heart? ›

Give him a few creature comforts, a couple of cool gadgets, and a guilty pleasure or two and he's good to go. Although he's a "man's man," Taurus is ruled by Venus, so expressions of beauty appeal to him. Many Taurean men are gifted with their hands, making them skillful craftsmen with tools and sensual lovers in bed.

What turns Taurus man on? ›

To really drive your man wild, start with slow, gentle caresses and take your time exploring his body with kisses. He'll love to watch you undress slowly, as well, since Taurus guys are very turned on by visual displays. His most overlooked erogenous zone is the ear lobe. Try nibbling, nudging, and caressing his ears.

How long do Taurus stay mad? ›

Taurus might hold a grudge until they die! They are one of the biggest grudge holders out of all the zodiac signs and are also the least forgiving ones. They are incredibly stubborn and hate being wrong. They have a tendency to hold a grudge just because you didn't agree with them.

Should I give a Taurus man space? ›

It's important to understand their need for solitude and independence while also maintaining a healthy and strong relationship. So, should you give a Taurus man space? The answer is yes, but it's essential to do it in a way that doesn't harm your relationship.

How do you deal with a stubborn Taurus man? ›

We provide some simple solutions to the problem because doing so will help you become better and happier.
  1. Don't try to reason with a stubborn Taurean man. ...
  2. Don't bug him. ...
  3. Ignore him right back. ...
  4. Ensure he has time to yearn for you. ...
  5. Cultivate other close friends to distract yourself. ...
  6. Don't call him non-stop.
Dec 5, 2022

What will make a Taurus man chase you? ›

What You Should Do to Get a Taurus Man Interested
  • Play up your attractiveness.
  • Pick a signature scent.
  • Send him a text every now and then.
  • Compliment him.
  • Show your softer side.
  • Let him do the chasing.
  • Don't play hard to get.
  • Don't move too quickly.

What is a Taurus way of thinking? ›

Taureans have a strong inner self-belief, which doesn't need shouting about, and this draws people to them because they can be trusted. Taureans don't sweat the small stuff, and this means they're calming to be around. Taurus also knows how to have a good time, so they are fun and always-up-for-it company.

What is a Taurus man's weakness in love? ›

They get very indecisive and take too long to make decisions. Taureans demand a secure relationship where they are very sure of their partner's intentions. While this is the correct thing to do, it takes them too much time to be sure of the relationship.

What hurts a Taurus man's feelings? ›

I could go on with a list of things that get to the Taurus, but to make it simple, I'll break it down to certain types of behaviors that bother him the most. They are: Being mean, belittling him and his possessions, breaking his trust and ignoring him.

How do you make a man worry about losing you? ›

How To Make A Guy Realize He Is Losing You
  1. Let Him Know That You Are Prepared To Walk Away. Save. ...
  2. Do Not Let Him Take Away Your Efforts In Vain. Easier said than done! ...
  3. Prioritize Yourself. ...
  4. Remind Him That He Is Not Your Only Option. ...
  5. Make Yourself Busy. ...
  6. Go For A New Look. ...
  7. Take A Break From Replying. ...
  8. Do Not Try To Please Him.
Dec 19, 2022

How do you captivate a Taurus man? ›

Make his life cozy and full of straightforward joys, and you've got him. You can exploit this sign's receptivity to scents to help him remember you. Wear a delicate, sweet, and sensuous fragrance every time you see him. Your Taurean will enjoy being reminded of you every time he smells it and feel closer to you.

What not to say to a Taurus man? ›

Top 7 Things NOT To Say to A TAURUS
  • Give Me Some Space. When a Taurus falls in love, he considers the people as their own personal responsibility. ...
  • Why Is It Always Your Way? ...
  • Stubborn. ...
  • Spoilt! ...
  • Lazy! ...
  • Lend Me Money. ...
  • Why Do You Spend So Much on Yourself.
Jul 15, 2015

Are Taurus stuck in their ways? ›

Key personality traits of Taurus

Tauruses are very fixed in their ways, he says, describing them as creatures of habit that can sometimes get stuck.

Do Taurus let go easily? ›

Taurus is reluctant to let go of what they perceive as a stable home or life. Once Taurus finally accepts that your relationship is over, the bull will move on.

What are the things that Taurus are scared of? ›

Taurus: Neophobia or irrational fear for anything unfamiliar

You prefer to stay in your comfort zone and the idea of change makes you uncomfortable. You live to feel comfortable and prioritize stability over everything else. This also makes it hard for you to let go of bad, old habits.

How can I tell if Taurus man still has feelings for me? ›

Loyalty is key for a taurus man, so if he's looking at you, he's only looking at you. When you're wondering whether a guy likes you, figure out who he's not looking at; if he treats you differently than other people in his life and doesn't seem to be interested in anyone else, it's because his interest lies with you.

What is a Taurus man love language? ›

Primary Love Languages: Gift Giving and Physical Touch

It's no secret that the dependable and strong-willed Taurus has a love for the finer things in life, whether that's luxurious gifts or physical pleasure. The Bull is very sensual and devoted to its partner and secure in its relationships.

When a Taurus man starts falling for you? ›

Taurus signs tend to be straightforward. It is hard for them to hide their love. When a Taurus guy falls in love, he wants to spend all his time with the person he adores. He always wants to be surrounded by this new feeling of love and around the person who makes him feel more confident.

What are Taurus dislikes? ›

On the negative side, Taurus people can be seen as being stubborn, materialistic, and possessive. Taurus likes things that are reliable, practical, and down-to-earth. They appreciate the simple things in life and dislike anything overly complicated. Taurus dislikes change and enjoys routine.

Who will Taurus fall in love with? ›

Generally, the most compatible signs for Taurus friendships and romantic relationships are Scorpio (yes, sometimes opposites do attract), Virgo, and Capricorn (what's up, earth signs?) and of course, fellow Taureans!

What to do when a Taurus is mad at you? ›

The best thing to do when a Taurus gets mean, cruel, and angry is to keep your distance, keep your cool, avoid standing up to them, and hope they'll get over it soon.

Why do Taurus stop talking to you? ›

The Taurus man has stopped texting you because he's either: a) busy, b) not sure about you, c) not into you, or d) so into you that it scares him. If you want him to text you, play it cool! Give him space, then text him something friendly and not emotionally demanding.

Does no contact work on Taurus man? ›

If your Taurus ex still has feelings for you – If a Taurus man has feelings for you, he'll almost definitely come back eventually. Even after no contact. If you want to know if he still loves you – In case you're not sure of a Taurus man's feelings, going no contact is an effective way to find out.

Do Taurus men test you by ignoring you? ›

Things You Should Know

Taurus guys will test your commitment and patience by pulling away suddenly and ignoring your texts. He'll ask you lots of questions to get to know you and test your compatibility.

What to do if a Taurus man stops texting you? ›

If he's stopped communicating because he's angry or upset, you need to give him time and space to feel his feelings privately and regain his emotional stability. After that, you can reach out with a friendly and caring text, email or phone call. If that doesn't work, let him know how you feel.

What makes a Taurus man miss you? ›

A Taurus likes to be wooed with material possessions.

Appeal to the romantic in him with a classic gift like roses, chocolates, or something that's sentimental to your budding relationship. It'll remind him of you every time you're away, and he'll start to miss you.

How do you get a Taurus to commit? ›

Ways to Get a Taurus to Commit
  1. Show him how reliable and dependable you are. ...
  2. Be honest and upfront about how you feel. ...
  3. Show him how much you value your time together. ...
  4. Build a strong foundation of friendship and trust. ...
  5. Be willing to meet his needs in the relationship.
Dec 22, 2022

Will a Taurus man come back after ghosting? ›

If he ghosted you because he lost interest, don't count on getting a courtesy call. But if he's gone MIA after you've spent a lot of time together and things were starting to get more serious, he'll almost definitely be back.

Do Taurus text back fast? ›

Taurus. You take as long as possible before replying to someone's text. You either didn't know what to respond with yet or you simply can't be bothered with someone who's so demanding of your time and energy. You'll reply hours later and you won't even bother apologizing for it.

When a Taurus man pulls away? ›

Common Reasons Why a Taurus Man Pulls Away. Taurus men value security, and they also want to feel secure when in a relationship with a woman. So, your Taurus lover is likely to withdraw from you if he feels his security is threatened.

Why Taurus is ignoring you? ›

There are a few reasons a Taurus will ignore you: they may be busy, hurt, worried, indecisive or they may simply be trying to punish you. Whatever the reason, the situation is not hopeless.

How does Taurus end a relationship? ›

Taurus will approach the subject of a breakup the same way they approached any negative event--gently. Taurus doesn't like unpleasant melodrama, which means they'll most likely take you out to eat in a nice restaurant to announce the relationship has changed and is ending.

How do you know if a Taurus has moved on? ›

Taurus men are possessive in relationships; when he stops attempting to control it, you will know he is moving on because he will neglect you without remorse. He has become callous toward you.

How do you know if a Taurus wants you back? ›

He reaches out to you frequently

If a Taurus man wants you back, he will likely make an effort to contact you regularly through calls, text messages, or social media. Men do not make a lot of effort for anyone or everyone. A man will only make an effort for someone he sees his future with.


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