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Maybe you received a Spafinder Gift Card for your birthday or you have one burning a hole in your dresser drawer. But you have no idea where to go! How do you find the ideal spa for you amongst the thousands of Spafinder locations. In this article, we’ll help you find the perfect spa treatment at the perfect Spafinder location, so you can get to awwwing instead of hem and haw-ing.


What Exactly Is a Spafinder Gift Card?

Did you receive a Spafinder Gift Card as a holiday gift or maybe a workplace appreciation event? Well, lucky you! You are now the proud owner of a universal spa gift card that works at thousands of locations worldwide. After all, doesn’t it suck to receive a spa gift card only to find out that the spa closed before you can book? Or maybe that specific spa doesn’t offer the one spa treatment you were most interested in? With a Spafinder Gift Card, you have access to terrific spas in your area or you can take your gift card on the road. Because the number one thing that shouldn’t stress you out is a spa gift certificate… that’s why we have made it incredibly easy to book what you want and find where you want to use it.


Oh, and it is Spafinder not spa finder although either spelling will get you to us, we promise.

How to Redeem Your Spafinder Gift Card

Once you have chosen your treatment and spa, let them know at the time of booking that you plan to use a Spafinder Gift Card. You always want to double check with the spa about using your gift card on the rare occurrence that there’s been a recent policy change in regards to your Spafinder Gift Card. But once you are at your appointment, feel free to use your gift certificate just like cash. If you have a single use gift card and have a balance on the gift certificate, then the spa can offer you store credit. If you have a multi-use gift card, you can then use the remainder on another treatment at that spa or a different spa location.

Make sure you be sure to double check with the establishment if you were planning on using your Spafinder Gift Card to tip, to make sure that’s allowed. For more information about spa etiquette, read this useful helper guide on our blog.


Spafinder Locations Near Me—How to Find

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Spafinder Gift Cards are universal gift cards that are eligible to be redeemed at thousands of spas all over the world. But that doesn’t mean you have to use them to book a fancy wellness vacation. (Although you definitely can!) You can book a spa treatment right in your own backyard. To find Spafinder locations near you, just head to and type in the kind of treatment you are interested in and your zip code. Voila! Local spas that specialize in the treatment you choose and that accept Spafinder Gift Cards will pop up all around you.

You can then narrow the mileage radius to really zero in on what’s closest to you. You can rank by star rating and you can filter to find only the spas that are running deals for Spafinder customers.

Pick your spa and make an appointment! It really is that simple.


Destination Spafinder Locations—How to Find

If you are thinking about using your Spafinder Gift Card while on a vacation or for some self-care in on a business trip, then simply change the location to wherever you are headed and book your dream wellness experience.

Here’s a tip from us: if you have a stressful trip coming up, maybe a visit home or a high-level conference, go ahead and book that spa treatment. It will give you a small thing to look forward. Plus, a spa treatment will give you a break to separate and recenter yourself before heading back in to the stress.

If you need some help choosing a location, then we’ve also put together travel guides to help you pick the best vacation spa and the best local spa for you. Check out these Spafinder location roundups. They showcase the best spas in specific towns, the best spas for wedding and bachelorette parties, and the best spas for girlfriend getaways. If you have a spa trip in mind, Spafinder can help you find it.


Not a Spa Person? Not All Spafinder Locations are Spas!

If all the rest, relaxation and quiet that goes along with a spa makes you feel anxious, then rest assured there are other Spafinder options for you to use that gift card. Spafinder Gift Cards are eligible at a variety of fitness studios that specialize in Pilates, creative workouts, hot yoga, and more. That way you can sweat out your toxins, increase your endorphins and improve your mental health all at once. Whether you are sweating in a sauna or in a cardio boxing workout, Spafinder has you covered with multiple fitness options that fit your personality and location.

Create a Spafinder Location In Your Own Home

Depending on where you live, you might not find a spa option that is available to you. If you don’t want to save your Spafinder Gift Card for a trip, then instead decide to make your home a wellness oasis by heading to Spafinder’s Wellness Shop.

Check out hundreds of products made by the best wellness companies in the world. We have something for everyone—apparel, aromatherapy, face masks, and more. With low, medium, and high end products, we cater to all wallets and Spafinder Gift Card sizes. Buy for yourself or treat a family member to a night of beautifying and pampering!

If you need some help deciding on a product, check out some of our best of lists like this skin deep deep dive or this clean beauty round up.


For help on how to create a fun spa experience at home, we have these helpful how to’s. Learn about how to make a mother daughter spa ritual that will leave you glowing or any of these wonderful DIY wellness tips.

Roam with Rover to a Pet Friendly Spafinder Location

Don’t want to leave your furry friend at home to indulge in a four star wellness vacation? Then bring your dog with you! An increasing number of spas are becoming pet friendly because they know that you don’t want to be without your best friend. Check out these spas that want to pamper you and pamper your pooch.

Spafinder Locations for the Whole Family

Wellness has become a family affair as studies show that even babies benefit from spa treatments like massage. So a spa vacation doesn’t have to mean leaving the kids at home. Take a look at these wonderful Spafinder locations that are fun for the whole family. (Although we do recommend you sneak away for some quiet alone time at the spa… being rested and relaxed will benefit everyone in your family)

Why You Should Pamper Yourself

Spas have moved from a frivolous fad to a serious main stay in the self- care world. Wellness used to be a thing that people didn’t understand but now we know that wellness and taking care of yourself are integral in living a long, healthy, and happy life. Spa treatments can help you feel better, heal your body, and help prevent injury. It’s easy to ignore a trip to the spa and continually push it to the bottom of your to do list but eventually that go, go, go attitude is going to catch up with you.

Our advice? Take time out of your busy life to explore the practical good that going to a spa can provide. Your health and happiness are at stake!

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